The GEYSER project is co-funded by the European Commission as part of the 7th Research Framework Program call FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013 Objective ICT-2013.6.2 Data Centres in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly Internet. The project started on November 2013, running for 3 years, with an EU maximum budget of 2.979.000,00 €.

The GEYSER suite is to be tested and validated within 4 pilot sites:

  1. Alticom Data Centres, The Netherlands
  2. ENG Data Centre, Point Saint Martin, Italy
  3. ASM Terni Data Centre facility, Terni, Italy
  4. Aachen University Data Centre facility, Aachen, Germany

The project has successfully concluded its workings. Results and reports can be found in the Download Section and Lessons Learned can be found in the Blog Section. Feel free to have a look at our last blog post !


 Consortium partners and their participation

A geographically distributed across Europe consortium lies at the heart of the project, bringing their unique set of expertise to build a strong, focused team.



Engineering is the project’s coordinator, contributing to the GEYSER suite design and integration, Italian pilot customization and exploitation.


ASM Terni

ASM Terni, being a utility company, provides their expertise and focused contribution to all technical work packages while their data centre facilities are to host one of the GEYSER pilot test-beds.


Green IT Amsterdam

Green IT Amsterdam offers access to the Amsterdam Smart City, providing focused contribution to user and business requirements of the GEYSER suite, the Dutch pilot activities, and leading the dissemination and visibility efforts.



ABB leads the design and development of the real time monitoring and situational awareness, offering their experience on DCIM solutions.


Zurich University of Applied Sciences

The ICCLab of ZHAW/InIT contributes with its experience at the intersection among the cloud computing software, application stacks, and energy-efficient data centres.


SingularLogic S.A.

SingularLogic is the GEYSER system integrator and leads the efforts towards setting the foundation of the energy marketplace.



Wattics translates Non-Intrusive Appliance Load Monitoring algorithms to the realm of data centres as a way to profiling rack-level energy consumption.


RWTH Aachen University

RWTH contributes with their experience in simulation of power systems with particular reference to simulation scenarios coupling dynamic thermal systems and electrical networks. The also provide the German test-bed facilities and customization.


Technical University of Cluj-Napoca

The Technical University of Cluj-Napoca leads the development of the GEYSER optimization engine for increasing energy efficiency and sustainability of data centres.


Alticom Datacenters

Alticom is leading the Dutch pilot providing both their expertise and facilities, with their relatively small scale perfectly fitting to test easily and quickly various aspects of the GEYSER suite.


Partner Map

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GEYSER - Green nEtworked data centers as energY proSumers in smaRt city environments
Work partially supported by European Community under the SMARTCITIES-2013 call of the 7th FP for RTD - project GEYSER, contract 609211.
The Author is solely responsible for the content of this paper. It does not represent the opinion of the European Community, and the European Community is not responsible for any
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