Datacenter Dynamics Colombia: Data centres becoming more flexible

By Maikel Bouricius, project manager at Green IT Amsterdam

We already were aware that the data centre sector is a dynamic and quickly developing one, as part of the wider internet industry. But while my last contribution on the blog was on the smart data centre development at the Datacloud conference in Monaco back in June, according to what I have noticed during Datacenter Dynamics in Colombia data centres are not only getting smarter, but also flexible.

I was invited to represent the GEYSER project and Green IT Amsterdam while speaking about how energy efficient data centre hubs and smart cities are becoming one. During my – very adventurous – flight to Colombia I prepared my talk and did write down a quote closing my presentation with: “flexible data centres and flexible cities are the future cities best friends”.

Apparently I was not the only one thinking flexibility is one of the key development for the data centre industry going on as we speak. With talks from HP, NEC and Microsoft, flexibility was part of their talks on modular data centres, hybrid clouds and energy efficient data centre infrastructure. Most of my fellow speakers connected flexibility to the unpredictable growth of data centres and making facilities fit with their demand for services to facilitate the growth of e-commerce and IoT.

During the roundtable discussion on the future of data centres, “flexibility” was one of the developments identified and one of the topics for the experts to respond. Which I thought was interesting to see, as flexibility goes beyond operational excellence and the usual topics of security and continuity during this kind of conferences.

Surely my talk on the GEYSER project and connected initiatives in the Amsterdam region, was fitting right in this context. But there was also a talk on DC4Cities by Jordi Guijaro, ICT operations & security manager at CSUC, on energy adaptive data centres as part of smart cities.

Of particular interest is also the clear attitude towards data centers in Bogota: several people with whom I spoke with, including an advisor for the city of Bogota on innovative technology, made clear to me that the need of developing a “smart” Bogota, might be the main driver for the data centre growth in the region.

Very interesting to follow the developments in Colombia; since they see data centres from the beginning as an integrated part of a smart city, innovative things can happen there.

More information on the event.

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