FP7 Cluster Smart City project at European Sustainable Energy Week 2016


 By Julie Chenadec, Analyst at Green IT Amsterdam

The EUSEW caters for activities to build a secure energy future for Europe. It brings together public authorities, private companies, NGOs and consumers to promote initiatives to save energy and move towards renewables for clean, secure and efficient power. This yearly opportunity to showcase innovative processes was the first time for the GEYSER project to present data centres as flexible energy players.

The workshop co-organised along with Be Great has been a success for both the attendees – who were around 30 – and the correlation on insights regarding two different topics (data center energy efficiency and the Internet impact of users).

The first part organised by Green IT Amsterdam was entitled “New-look Data Centers- Urban and Local Pilots, Sustainable Energy Systems, latest findings” where we showcased six different pitches on EU projects with topics like energy efficient, green, urban datacenters and smart renewable energy systems. The projects presented are part of the Smart City Cluster projects: GEYSER (Jaak Vlasveld), DOLFIN (Artemis Voulkidis), GENiC (Dirk Pesch), RenewIT (Andrew Donoghue), DC4Cities (Maria Perez Ortega) and EURECA (Rabih Bashroush).

The different themes related to our Cluster are utterly integrated in a way that we are delivering sustainable practices. First, from an energy flexibility perspective along with data center management of energy system and innovative processes uptake and secondly, to innovative energy efficient and environmentally sound data centre products and services.

It is clear that these research and results will be the future of Smart Cities and Smart Cities Energy Management Authority. The roll-out of competitive networked data center industry where we explore a flexible local marketplace (stabilize grid infrastructure and increase renewable energy sources) will be achieved thanks to the dedication of such innovative projects in Europe.


The different talks presented fit at the right context and time where we are told that Data center stem from a unique foundation for the next digital economy and future data challenges (Dutch Data Center report 2016). Flexible management of the ICT workload and available energy sources (mostly renewables) are at the heart of all those changes that we need to grasp.

From left to right: Jaak Vlasveld, Artemis Voulkidis, Dirk Pesch, Rabih Bashroush, Andrew Donoghue, Maria Perez Ortega.


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GEYSER - Green nEtworked data centers as energY proSumers in smaRt city environments
Work partially supported by European Community under the SMARTCITIES-2013 call of the 7th FP for RTD - project GEYSER, contract 609211.
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