GEYSER: Value for Data Centre Operators

by Dr. Terpsi Velivassaki, Telecom Engineer/Researcher at SingularLogic S.A. Currently, her main research interests include cloud networking, automation and energy efficiency.

In GEYSER we work closely with urban Data Centre (DC) operators, in order to provide an integrated solution for DCs offering DC-wide awareness and actuation capabilities. At the same time, urban DCs are able to gradually integrate their energy management operations with their local smart grid, exploiting opportunities arising in the context of a Smart Neighborhood. Consequently, GEYSER contributes to decentralization of power supply and demand, offering energy and cost efficiency to GEYSER-enabled DCs. This is achieved in two steps: exploiting both DC and smart grid information in two ways: in scheduling IT and non-IT energy consuming tasks, as well as in energy provision to or procurement from the smart grid; the latter is enacted via energy trading activities in the local GEYSER Marketplace.

GEYSER is not intended to act as yet another Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM) system. It rather builds on top of existing DCIM and Building Management Systems (BMS), relying on vendor independent standard interfaces to exploit already acquired information in providing awareness and control capabilities based on DC-wide monitoring.

Appropriately exploiting the monitoring information, GEYSER provides near real-time overall and fine-grained awareness of DC energy budgets, as well as predicted values of local energy generation, consumption, and storage on day-ahead, intra-day, and near real-time basis.

Such information is then further propagated to the heart of the GEYSER Suite, the optimization engine. The latter, leveraging on advanced bio-inspired metaheuristics, suggests a plan of actions to be performed. The DC manager can then rely upon the suggested actions to achieve optimal use of energy, while best exploiting predicted energy generation and consumption at both local and smart grid levelThe DC operations planning starts for the day ahead, and is further enhanced on intra-day and near real-time basis, when fresh and more accurate predictions are available. Still, the last call for DC operation planning is on the DC manager, who selects the action plan to be followed, as similar energy curves for consumption and generation may be achieved by different sets of actions.

The GEYSER functionality may be realized by accessing the initial version of our integrated prototype, visualized through the DC Manager Console. The console is organized in “Monitoring”, “Energy Budget”, “Forecast”, and “Optimization” in this version. The “Monitoring” option provides information about IT and non-IT equipment, considered as DC “components”, metering devices, as well as monitoring data of both IT and non-IT equipment. The “Energy Budget” option provides energy curves of the total DC power consumption, energy generation and traded energy in the GEYSER marketplace, as well as calculated KPIs, evaluating DC energy efficiency and green practices effectiveness. The supported KPIs have been derived from the Smart City Collaboration Cluster of EU projects aiming at integrating urban DCs into Smart Cities. Moreover, the “Forecasts” option provides predictions on the energy budgets on day-ahead, intra-day, and near real-time basis, organized in three tabs, one per prediction timeframe. Last but not least, in the “Optimization Plans”, the user may visualize the processed optimization plans, generated based on the current and forecasted energy budgets. For every optimization plan, the relevant optimization actions are depicted on hourly planning in order to achieve the planned performance.

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Further updates, enhancements and extensions of GEYSER functionalities will be available soon, so stay tuned!

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GEYSER - Green nEtworked data centers as energY proSumers in smaRt city environments
Work partially supported by European Community under the SMARTCITIES-2013 call of the 7th FP for RTD - project GEYSER, contract 609211.
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