It’s free, and easy as pie: get the most out of crypto info now!

The Winning Combo for Crypto Hungry – When you’re a token buff, your appetite is insatiable. And when it comes to first choice info, the combination of newsletter and discord is cheese AND dessert. Rather than a tasteless copy-and-paste soup, we go fishing every day for outstanding information and deliver it to you in hot press format to your inbox. From there, it’s easy to go to Bitcoin Superstar to talk about it with a passionate community, and increase your performance.

Refine your decisions by crossing the sources

The principle is simple: first, the newsletter so you don’t miss a thing! With hot news, it’s easy to miss the info of a lifetime. But when you are on your own, in the middle of an ocean of conflicting data , it is really difficult to sort it out.

Fortunately, our team offers a daily update on the key events of the crypto planet, gleaned as close as possible to the source in their raw form, then filtered and worked to extract the essence. It is this pure material, with a high content of added value, which is distilled to you daily!

Improve as a team

From there, the next logical step to capitalize and grow your head start is to join the discussions on our Discord. Depending on your experience, news has a particular resonance, and your point of view is therefore unique.

It is by discussing and confronting your analyzes that you will find your truth . Equipped with a well-founded reflection and a constructive approach, be ready to make the most of an active discussion thread 24 hours a day, with more than 50 themes to choose from.

As you can see, the Journal du Coin is full of tools and ideas, and makes them available to you free of charge. It is up to you to explore its corners to find the winning formula. Once the Newsletter has been devoured, visit us on our Discord channel and exchange with other French speakers who are passionate about crypto.