Learn how to pay for your paperwork in the SAIME with Petros

One of the great problems faced by millions of Venezuelans inside and outside their country is the possibility of having an international identification document -read passport- that allows them to regulate themselves in the countries where they have emigrated or simply to have freedom of movement outside their borders.

Although it is true that some countries have opted for a ‘humanitarian’ position to allow entry within their borders with the national identity card – Venezuelan ID-, it is no secret that the possibility of a visa for tourism, humanitarian, labor or political asylum purposes continues to be a headache for millions due to the impossibility of accessing the Venezuelan passport.

With an average purchasing power of USD 5 per month at the official exchange rate of the Central Bank of Venezuela, and a traditional financial system that is not in tune with Venezuelan reality, the possibility of accessing a bank account with a credit or debit card that allows payment for the international document is a challenge of epic proportions for the average Venezuelan.

Venezuela raises gas prices and orders payment in Petros at every gas station in the country

Saime allows payments with Petro
The Saime -Autonomous Service of Identity, Migration and Foreigners-, is the governing body in charge of the management of identity documents in Venezuela.

Complying with the presidential mandate, since November 2019 it has allowed within its platform the possibility of acquiring passports in Venezuela -as well as extensions-, through the national digital asset El Petro.

The costs for both procedures are expressed in 1.67 PTR “USD 100 for the extension” and 3.35 PTR for a new passport, about USD 200 at the official rate.

Within Venezuela it is well known the headaches that have been generated by the imposition of this centralized digital asset for the payment of goods and services in the country.

Has Petro had any impact on the Venezuelan economy?

One of its benefits is precisely the ability to pay for the management of the passport within the Venezuelan borders. In this post, we will comment on how easy it is to do this and avoid spending money in national currency through the traditional banking system, which is impossible for the average Venezuelan.